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Annual Anti-Valentine's Day

Poetry Reading & Open-Mic Night

Anti Val Poster.jpg
Anti Val Poster.jpg

Love is Love . . . 

But let's avoid the mushy stuff.

Gate's annual Anti-Valentine's Day Reading was a smashing affair the likes of which Lady Whistledown would find truly tittilating! With sweet treats from our own Madeira kitchen to fortify them and craft Shirley Temples to whet their whistles, four fabulous snails took to the (blue, black and gold) rose-strewn pedestal to wow us with their sparkling web of words.


Abby Clarkson

Class of 2024


These pieces are hopefully relatable pieces about friendships gone wrong and how it feels to cut someone off and grow from that.


Isabelle Murdock

Class of 2022

"Obsolescent Ancestor" 

I wanted to write about kinds of love outside the romantic and generally platonic sphere - rather I focused on adoration and longing for physical spaces and the complexities of familial love. 

Eliza Reed

Class of 2023

"Crack in the Sidewalk"

I usually write to try to capture a specific emotional space I’m in, and when I wrote the first piece I was trying to write about healing and was trying to use this idea of a metaphorical flower growing from a crack in the sidewalk, but it kept feeling like a lie. eventually I just ended up writing down the truth, and the whole truth, and then more of the truth, and that became the poem.

The second piece was really just based on a few dreams I actually had.


Anti-Valentine's Gallery

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