This past year we have learned to embrace the unexpected and rise to the challenge of creating a fully digitized edition of Gate to showcase our virtual work with style and panache! We've created The Back Gate, a literary magazine that adapts to the "new normal" and encourages all of us to take another look at what we think we know about ourselves and the world around us. Since November, the staff has been building a world rich with your literary and artistic genius. We are excited to present the 2022 edition in its new home!


Our publications strive to showcase excellent works of art and writing from within the Madeira student body, to promote self-expression and individuality, to provide a means by which the talented authors and artists from within our community can share their work, and to bring people together through a shared love of literature and art 



We look for literature submissions that provoke interesting thoughts and discussions in our readers and push people out of their comfort zones in surprising, sophisticated ways. 


The work we publish is meant to be shared by and within the community and our curation of work is geared towards exploring shared experiences rather than expressing intense individual experiences. We work to develop and highlight the complexities of the life experiences that we do share.


We want work that is different, interesting, and makes us think. We want to see the artist through the work, and hear the author's voice.  


Our mission and vision are achieved through the annual publication of Gate literary magazine, production of the MadLit podcast series, and through the Gate-sponsored readings and events. Join us in our work by contributing to any (or all) of these remarkable enterprises! 

Submit your work to GATE at: