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ABOUT Gate Magazine(s). . .


You have found it - the digital imprint of Gate Magazine and home of The Back Gate, a fully digitized literary magazine designed to showcase our community's virtual work with style and panache!


We've created The Back Gate to encourage all Madeira snails, past, present and future, to take another look at what we think we know about ourselves and the world around us.



Our publications strive to showcase excellent works of art and writing from within the Madeira student body, to promote self-expression and individuality, to provide a means by which the talented authors and artists from within our community can share their work, and to bring people together through a shared love of literature and art 



We look for writing, video, performance, and art submissions that provoke interesting thoughts and discussions in our readers and push people out of their comfort zones in surprising, sophisticated ways. 

The work we publish is meant to be shared by and within the community and our curation efforts are geared towards presenting a diverse range of perspectives and experiences, rather than a single "story". We work to develop and highlight the complexities of the life experiences that we do share while celebrating those ties that bind us together as one Madeira community.


To submit your own work for consideration, please email it to us at

Kendall Deagle


My name is Kendall Deagle and I am Gate's PR editor! I am a four-year Senior from Great Falls Virginia and I have been on the Gate staff for four years! I solicit submissions and run Gate-sponsored events like contests, poetry readings, and collaborative events with other Madeira organizations. I joined Gate because I absolutely love literature, but I found running the public side of the magazine was my true passion. 

Feli Badji

My name is Feli Badji and I am Gate’s Layout Editor. I am a four-year senior boarder from Woodbridge, Virginia and I have been a part of Gate for 3 years. I lead a team that creates and designs the annual print magazine and The Back Gate, our digital magazine that follows a theme chosen each year by the staff. I love Gate because of the outlet it creates for the community to share pieces they're passionate about and proud to present for all to see and hear. 

Saanvi Paladugu


Hi! I’m Saanvi Paladugu, a senior day student at The Madeira School from Sterling, Virginia. I like to think of Gate as the voice of Madeira, which is one of the reasons why I joined. I love how the magazine gives emerging artists and writers the opportunity to voice their opinions, knowledge, and points of view without fear, and of course, I love our annual collaboration with Madeira Dance and the Arts Department for Dance/Gate. As the Editor-in-Chief, I work with the Editorial Team to select and polish pieces that showcase the talents and perspectives of the Madeira community. 

Lexi Dyer

My name is Lexi Dyer and I am a senior day student from Arlington, Virginia. As the Executive Producer of the Madlit Podcast, I direct the team in scripting and producing three episodes per season. I joined Gate because I love reading and creating, whether that be writing or visual art. I love Gate because of the creative freedom and opportunities it offers to its members. 

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