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Season 2 - Madlit Podcast

2021 - 2022

Episode 1 - Slam Poetry

This episode of the Madlit podcast explores the history and power of slam poetry as a means of artistic expression. Listen to the work of artists from both within and beyond the Madeira campus, along with interviews highlighting some of our own students and faculty

Slam PoetryMadLit Podcast
00:00 / 24:20

Episode 3 - Adventure Through Space

Follow our team through a twisting space themed sci-fi adventure in this episode of the Madeira Literary podcast. Hold on to your helmets  for this thrilling mystery tale. 

Episode 2 - Music Of Madeira

In this episode, the Madlit podcast team ventures into the evolution of jazz and shares the musical talents of various Madeira students. Enjoy performances and interviews from memebrs of the Madeira community. 

MusicMadLit Podcast
00:00 / 21:53
Space Adventure MadLit Podcast
00:00 / 15:28
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