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Season 3 - Madlit Podcast

2022 - 2023

Join Detective Snoop and the team in the second installment of this riveting radio drama! This episode of MadLit introduces new suspects, more clues, and shenanigans galore! Follow Snoop and Rook's journey to the speakeasy to find out "whodunit."

Featuring Madeira Performers: 

Tara Bhatnagar

Grace Chun

Brynn Eaton

Lexi Dyer

Basil McGovern

Kora Whelan

Episode 2 - Speak. . . Easy

Episode 1 - MadLit PodcastMadLit Podcast
00:00 / 19:12
Episode 2 - MadLit PodcastMadLit Podcast
00:00 / 11:33

In this, the first episode of the MadLit Podcast 2023 season, take a dive into the Roaring Twenties. From segments about feminism in fashion, to speakeasies and queer history, to Detective Snoop's latest case, this episode has it al!

Listen to historical poetry from prevalent artists in the 1920's and contemporary pieces from our own students as well. 

Featuring Work By:

Robin Reed

Episode 1 - 20-Somethings

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