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Season 1 - Madlit Podcast

The 2020 - 2021 Season

This episode contends with a serious Gate tragedy: the loss of the second episode of our podcast.

During this episode, the members of the podcast team get into it - all the back-room ugliness rears its head in an effort figure out whodunit. Alibis are analyzed. Red herrings flop about. Consipiracy theories start to sound kinda plausible - will the mystery be solved? Will the MadLit team crumble under the pressure? 


Episode 2 - Whodunnit? Or Not . . . 

Season 2 Episode 1MadLit Podcast
00:00 / 15:37
Season 2 Episode 2MadLit Podcast
00:00 / 19:23

This episode of the podcast highlights the work of some women of color who have made their marks with poetry. Whether they're poets within our own Madeira community or in the wider literary world, their voices ring with power and truth! 

Get behind the pen with Salimah Hagmagid and get inspired by Dominic Wong's words about his work.

Also, tune in to the Lexicon to find out if poetry has a future, how to turn rats into rhymes, and what's it all for, anyway?

Episode 1 - Celebrating Female Poets of Color

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