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In memories, Dad's presence lingers strong, 

His guidance, a melody, a life-long song. 

He stood as my hero, wise and kind, 

In his absence, his lessons intertwined. 

My dad, he was the best you see, 

He's always there, no matter the spree. 

With jokes and laughter, he fills the air, 

Teaching life lessons, he's always fair. 

Without him here, it's hard to cope, 

His absence leaves a gaping scope. 

But his teachings stay, clear and bright, 

Leading me through the darkest night. 

Singing we did, while in car rides at night 

I look up to him, he's my guiding light, 

In my world, he's the brightest sight. 

Though he's not here, I feel his love, 

Guiding me from high above. 

Dad's my hero, his lessons prime, 

In my heart, he'll last for all time. 

Dad, my compass, my guiding star, 

Though we're apart, yet never far. 

His love and wisdom, an eternal brew, 

Forever my hero, forever true. 

My Dad My Guide

“Hay algo que me gusta de ti”  

Not something 


Martina Fernandez Cueto '27

Basil McGovern '24

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