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You have to die a few more times before you are alive.  

Drown in the dark, swim with the stars.  

Soon, you’ll live, not survive.  

Fulfill every fear, cover every scar  

With gilded band-aids to forget the war. 

 Eye my sinking manifesto, watch it all begin:  

Seek a thrill, fill a void–it’s a lie to think I’m far  

From Divine Twins  

Of day and night that possess your sins.  

Destroy every part of myself to transcend. 

 Trust me, no one ever wins.  

Choke on the morals they bend.  

Burn too bright, live too fast,  

Try to forget all of my past 

Sinking Manifesto

Annamaria Konya Tannon '24

Rima Peterson '27

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