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a promise,  between two couplets

Ace Clarkson '24

the thing is, the red planet can’t dominate the sky forever/ 

the sun will rise and bring the birds out of hiding. 

one day i will buy a new pair of shoes, 

a pair that makes me want to leave this 

blessed house of mine, 

and i will walk all over the earth around me, 

finding ruined hallowed ground to explore 

and something like triumph will  

hide in the blackberry bushes, to be found by 

searching hands and laughing eyes. 


one day i will go to the ocean 

and scream and scream and scream 

until the saltwater air burns my throat and 

the rot is gone from my soul. 

then i’ll go to the boardwalk and buy 

saltwater taffy and a million different presents 

and when i come home, 

i will not be thinking about you anymore. 

i will be giving what i can to those who matter. 


one day i will drive ninety down the highway, 

shouting out the lyrics of the old songs and the new, 

letting the lights of the drive blur together 

with sugar and smiles and laughter 

and dancing in the puddles in the parking lot. 

i will show someone all of my favorite stars 

and the red planet will be gone, faded, away, 



one day i will fall asleep gently, 

head on someone’s shoulder, 

and i will be unafraid. 

i will care for others and 

i will not be scared of love anymore. 

i will not. 


one day is much closer than it was before, isn’t it? 


the sun will rise, the rain will fall, and you will not be scared/ 

and you will not remain alone as you walk forward. 

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