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Anti-Valentine's Day

February 16th, 2024.

Join Gate and a star-studded lineup of Madeira writers and performers at 7 PM in the student center rotunda (next to the school store) for a celebration of all things love, except all the mushy love stuff. There will be both vocal performances and readings of poetry and short stories by fellow snails, and an open mic session will follow for any who wish to perform or share their work. There will be masks out for decoration at the event, a photo “booth”, fun Valentine's Day treats, and more. The theme is “Black Mask Masquerade”, so dress to impress! 

Anti- Valentine's Day 2024!

Caroline Whitaker & Myla McNair


Duet Vocal Performance: "Always Remember Us This Way" - Lady Gaga

Elle Catherine 


Solo Reader: "if you were mine"

Dorothy Woods


Solo Reader: "Breaking and Entering", "love(d)", "promise", and "god forbid"

Nissi Sigei


Solo Vocal Performance

Casper Cancelado


Solo Reader: "Now, Two Years Ago, and Three Months from Now" and "You Are"

Zoe Adler


Solo Vocal Performance: "Original Song"

Anna Callendar


Solo Reader: "Tea Time"

Lily Eldridge


Solo Reader: "Once Again"

Paloma O'Leary & Ele Rocha


Duet Vocal Performance: "Silver Springs" - Fleetwood Mac

Ace Clarkson


Solo Reader: "Orange Blossoms", "Portrait of a Town...", "Untitled (quartet/eulogy)", and "Loving the Sun"

Tara Bhatnagar


Solo Reader: "Fog Visibility" and "To the Cat in the Winter"

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