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 The Head Editors for

2023 - 2024

Ace Clarkson

Hello! I’m Ace Clarkson, a senior boarder at The Madeira School, from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. GATE has been a personal passion of mine since I joined the staff. I love that it gives an opportunity for everyone to have a voice in a campus publication. Everyone deserves the chance to show their skill and points of view, and I’m glad to be part of the team that facilitates that! I like our community readings, like Anti-Valentines Day, where everyone can share their voice and unique reading styles. As the Editor-in-Chief, (or Headitor,) I work with the Editorial Team to select and polish pieces that showcase the talents and perspectives of the Madeira community. 

Hey everybody! My name is Olivia Girson, and I am a junior boarder from Chevy Chase, MD. I have been a member of GATE staff for the past two years, and I am incredibly excited to be this year’s head editor for layout. My team and I are responsible for creating the physical version of the magazine. We arrange and configure written pieces with artwork to produce visually cohesive layouts under a general theme. I have always loved this section of GATE because of how we get to experiment with our designs and connect over our love for graphic design. I am so eager for you all to see our upcoming issue!

Olivia Girson

I am Basil McGovern, a senior day student at The Madeira School, from McLean, Virginia. I have been a part of the GATE Podcast team since my freshman year and my love for it has continued to grow. The podcast provides a space for the Madeira community to share their work in an audio format. I love getting to work with my team to create storylines for our episodes and also get the chance to interview Madeira students and listen to their works. 

Basil McGovern

Hello!! My name is Maya Eisenberg and I am Gate’s PR and Digital Magazine Director! I am a junior day student from Arlington, VA, and this is my second year on the Gate staff. The PR and Digital team works to spread Gate across campus by putting together all of Gate’s events, such as readings and contests, along with soliciting submissions and other community engagement. Additionally, our team manages the entirety of the Back Gate, which houses our website and digital magazine. I love Gate because it has helped me connect with so many of my peers through the endorsement of creative expression, which I believe is fundamental in a high school community. 

Maya Eisenberg

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